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For nearly a decade I've been capturing moments and telling stories of people making change. From protests, to election campaigns, refugee crises and more. I've worked as the in-house photographer and Digital Manager for national UK-based charities Citizens UK and the Living Wage Foundation. I've taken images for Rotary International and NHS Wales. My images have featured in national media outlets and on high-profile social media accounts such as the Prince and Princess of Wales' official Instagram account. My photographic style is candid, true to life and empowering of the people in front of the lens. Whether you are a charity, corporate client or news organisation please do get in touch - I would love to help tell your story.


Citizens UK General Election Assembly featuring Deputy Prime Minister, Angela Rayner;  Lord Newby and MP candidate  Sara Gezdari.


Parent Action is a  community group based in London and Tyneside, which supports parents to thrive and campaign on issues from healthcare to education.



UK Junior Doctor and anti-Trident protests


The campaign for a real Living Wage started over 30 years ago when community leaders in East London decided to take on big employers for a fair wage that  would allow workers to live in dignity. These are the stories of today's campaigners.


Formula 1 drivers Lewis Hamilton, Charles Leclerc and   Carlos Sainz ~    Monza 2022.


Community organising is a theory of change that originated in the United States. It started as a means of organised labour power by unions of workers, and has been used as a democratic method of winning change throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. Neil Jameson, the late founder of Citizens UK, brought these ideas over to the UK over 30 years ago, and today communities in towns and cities organise together to make change on local and national issues.

Central to the method is forming and sustaining close relationships throughout a community, enabling everyday people from different backgrounds and institutions to find common ground and shared interest. Together, these alliances   take action  and hold decision-makers accountable.

These are some of today's community leaders winning change  on issues from mental health, to climate justice, migration reform, education, health and more.


Women1000 is a community group based in East London, dedicated to tackling  inequalities disproportionately affecting  Muslim and ethnic minority women. Women1000 forms pioneering relationships with local charities, organisations and health bodies  and develops community-led solutions to a range of issues. These are some of the women and Citizens UK leaders   who teemed up with Barts NHS Health Trust, Queen Mary University, Macmillan Cancer Support, Mind Mental Health charity, Diabetes UK and more to tackle health inequality this International Women's Day.


Rotary International's 'End Polio' initiative has helped to eradicate the deadly  disease  from almost all countries. Today, all but Afghanistan and Pakistan are free from the endemic. In 2015  I travelled to Delhi with Rotary to document one of their immunisation drives, which involved giving children  vaccine drops on their tongues. Volunteers would travel to different parts of the city and its outskirts,  marking each vaccinated child with a purple dot on their pinky finger. 


Although India had been declared free of any new cases for 4 years at this point, many people still suffered from the effects of the disease.  As well as documenting the vaccination drive and community celebrations, I visited some of those living with Polio in one of Delhi's hospitals.  


In 2022 I travelled to Poland to document the journey  of a Ukrainian family. They were some of the first to be resettled to the UK by a pioneering Citizens UK scheme connecting communities with international organisation USPUK and the British government.  Through the scheme, Ukrainian refugees are matched with host families in the UK and are supported to set up new lives. Many hope they can flourish in a new home until the war has ended.

The famous puppet 'Little Amal' travelled through the streets of Krakow and waved the family off as they embarked on the flight to their new home.   The scheme capitalised on an  innovative partnership with airline Wizz Air, which provided  hundreds of free flights for Ukrainian refugees.


In 2015 the refugee camp in Calais generated  national media headlines  as people watched the Syrian refugee crisis unfold. Dubbed the 'jungle', millions of refugees were trapped in camps, attempting to flee across the channel or enduring persecution by the authorities. I was volunteering in one of the last warehouses in operation following the destruction of the camps in 2016. The gentleman below spoke passionately on the hostile conditions and injustices many were facing, alongside his resilience and hope for the future.

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